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Hi and welcome to my website. It's nice to have you here, and I'd love for you to become involved, so feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the site, have a chat, or email me.

My aim for this site is to share some of my short '10-minute warmup' pieces so that you can get a taste of my style. I'll also post updates on how my books are coming along.

I also, eventually, hope to help other authors by sharing tips and worksheets.


I'm 50 years old, married to James, and I have three gorgeous children (Mason, Bailey, and Ethan). 

Unfortunately, ill health has prevented me from having a 'normal' working life, so I'm hoping to turn my love of writing into a career. I'm a trustee at my local community centre, and I run a weekly creative workshop there. I have published three crime books on Amazon, collectively known as "The Rebecca Filmore series". They are called; "Haven", "The White Rose Killer" and "Betrayed". I have also collated, edited and published two books from the work produced by myself and my workshop participants. They are called; "A Little Piece of Us: It's Never Too Late to Be Creative" and "Ten Minute Musings". I'm currently world world-building a fantasy book set in the world of "Nasus".

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Click the above link to read a blurb for my books that I have published, along with a link where you can buy them from Amazon.

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Click the above link to read details of the projects that I am currently working on.

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I love how only giving myself just 10 minutes to write a short piece from a prompt can spark my imagination. I never know where it's going to take me (although generally, it's my dark side that makes an appearance). The prompts are a great way to get the brain warmed up before I start the serious writing. I find the prompts from all over the place like Pinterest, books, my environment or sometimes one just pops into my head.

Click the link above to see some of my attempts (be warned, when doing these prompts, it's not about grammar or spelling, it's just about getting the words onto the paper). Why don't you give some of the prompts a try?

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This project is one that I can't wait to get stuck into too, but I know it will take me a lot of time, so it keeps being pushed back for writing the books. I want other authors to come to me for tips, resources and the oh so important worksheets!


Get in touch with me about any of my projects :)

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