Hi and welcome to my website. It's nice to have you here and I'd love for you to become involved, so feel free to leave comments on my short pieces of writing, or at the bottom of the site.


My aim for this site is to share some of my short 'ten-minute warmup' pieces so that viewers can get a taste of my style and to post updates on how my books are coming along.


I also, eventually, hope to help other authors by sharing tips, prompts, and worksheets.


About Me

I'm 47 years old, married to James and I have three gorgeous children (Mason, Bailey, and Ethan). I'm a housewife cum author in the making :). I volunteer at my local library once a week, and I also attend a writing group there.


Unfortunately, ill health has prevented me from having a 'normal' working life, so I'm hoping to turn my love of writing into a career. I have self-published my first crime book in the Rebecca Filmore series, called Haven, and I'm in the process of planning book two, called The White Rose Killer. I'm also world building a fantasy book called Nasus.






Haven is a community of families, all living together on a large estate, who by choice have isolated themselves from the outside world. They want nothing from it except the occasional girl to bring in a new bloodline, when they marry their sons.


Becky, a private investigator, and ex-police officer comes across a dying lady, Molly, while she is out on her morning run. With her last words, she tells Becky that her daughter, Alison, has been taken.


Becky, haunted by the memories of her abducted childhood friend, is determined to find Molly's killer and Alison.


The White Rose Killer

Book Two in the Rebecca Filmore Series

It’s six months after Becky assisted the Major Crimes Unit in the raid on Haven and things are going well for her. She has just one thing playing on her mind; who is stalking her?


The Unit, still run by Emma, is looking for the perpetrator of some gruesome killings. The heartless murderer has been dubbed by the papers as The White Rose Killer. Will they stop him before he kills again?


Stefan is still on the run but is determined to find his brother, Jerry. But will Jerry welcome him or turn his back on the man responsible for the abduction and false imprisonment of several women?


Theresa, who has been held captive for several years, wonders if she will ever be free.


Here you can find my short pieces of writing (generally written during 10-minute brain warm-up exercises), my book progress and author resources.


Books In Progress

Book two in the Rebecca Filmore series (The White Rose Killer) and a fantasy book called Nasus

Short Pieces of my work

I love how only giving myself just 10 minutes to write a short piece from a prompt can spark my imagination. I never know where it's going to take me (although generally, it's my dark side that makes an appearance).

For Authors

This project is one I can't wait to get stuck into too, but i know will take time. I want other authors to come to me for tips, resources and the oh so important worksheets!


Get in touch with me about any of my projects :)


Book Two Teaser

May 10, 2019

Theresa sat on her bed and looked out the window through the tiny gap that she had managed to make by removing a large splinter of wood from the board...

Book two progressing

May 30, 2018

Book Donation

March 16, 2018

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