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He's coming

It was Christmas Eve and everyone was in bed. His black boots dripping from the snow outside left a tell-tale sign behind him and he placed each step with care so that he didn’t disturb the sleeping family. He heard a noise behind one of the doors so he pulled his knife out from his bag and was momentarily distracted as the moon streaming in from the hall window hit the long, sharp blade. The noise again reminded him he should be paying attention so he quickly and silently passed the door and proceeded on. No time to dally, he needed to find his target. He was going on instinct when he headed to the smallest of the bedrooms, sure that’s where the child would be sleeping. Slowly he turned the bedroom door handle, holding his breath, hoping it would not wake anyone. Sure enough there she was, fast asleep. Most four year olds would be excited it being Christmas Eve, but this little girl was curled in a tight ball, looking frail and helpless. It was then he noticed the rope tied around her ankle keeping her in place on the bed.

He raised up his knife and with a wave of anger going through him he struck. The little girl opened her eyes in fear as the knife came down again. With that the rope holding her fell apart. “Daddy, I knew you find me,” she whispered. And the large hard man melted with relief as he took his daughter in his arms and quietly left the house. “Always baby. I will always find you,” he replied.

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