This is a fantasy book that is still in it's world building stage (which I am enjoying far too much!)

An island of magic and mystery, sorcery and shadows; where man lives amongst sorcerers, dwarfs, giants, splinters and karmagon's.

An island where evil is growing and it will take the courage of a select group to ensure peace comes to the land.

An Island where a young sorcerer is learning about the magic inside her, the trials and tribulations of falling in love, and where she faces the challenge of not just saving lives of all those she loves but of all that live on Nasus.


BOOK 2 OF REBECCA FULMORE- The White Rose Killer

Six months on from the events of Haven and Stefan returns to the area to find his brother, whom he hasn't seen since they were children. But will his brother be pleased to see the man that destroyed so many lives?

Locked and chained in a dark miserable room, Theresa wonders if she will ever be free from the man who has held her captive for years.

Although Billy is now in jail for his actions six months ago, he still has a hold on Alison that she just can't shake.

Becky's professional life is flourishing but can she give Ethan what he so clearly wants in their relationship? Little does she know that events will soon unfold that not only have her questioning her feelings for him, but threaten her very life.