I turned away before she could see my face

I turned away before she could see my face. I didn't want her to see the smile that played over my lips or the lust that I knew my eyes would show.

She had killed out of necessity; I'd killed for the enjoyment.

She had held his hand and given him comfort as his life had ebbed away; I'd watched his eyes so that I could see the light drain from his eyes as the blood rapidly left his body.


I turned back to find her watching me intently.

"Thank you," she whispered, her voice thick with emotion.

I smiled an acknowledgement and added, "You're now free of him; he can't hurt you anymore."

She looked down at the body of her husband; it was only then that I noticed the strange expression on her face.

"My husband never hurt me. Not once. Not ever," she said, as she walked towards me.

"I don't understand!" I replied as she got closer.

I watched her hand as she lifted it to stroke my cheek, and I leant into it, enjoying her touch. It took me a second to understand why I was suddenly feeling a searing pain in my chest.

She stepped back, and I groaned as she pulled the slim blade from my body. My knees gave way, and I dropped to the floor. I was vaguely aware of her wiping her fingerprints from the blade, and placing it into my hand.

"I didn't actually need your help to kill my husband," I heard her whisper in my ear. "What I needed was a patsy."


Understanding dawned on me as I heard her footsteps slowly getting quieter as she left to start her new life.

It felt strange being on the other side of death, and it wasn't long before it welcomed me like an old friend.


"Don't move," he whispered

I thought I'd try a poem today, so apologies in advance, they don't come easy to me. However, I feel it's essential to write out of my comfort zone. I think I have got the meaning across that I wanted, even if clumsily written 😊.



"Don’t move,” he whispered quickly

“You are in the perfect light,

 you look so incredibly beautiful,

 the most perfect of all sights.”


I closed my eyes very tightly,

cringing at what you saw.

What he regards as beauty,

is all that I abhor.


My rolls of skin and cellulite,

are a disgusting sight to see.

My spider web of stretch marks,

is so vast all over me.


Yet he sees something different,

he’s always seen so much more.

His encouraging words are helping,

and are becoming hard to ignore.


One day when I look in the mirror,

maybe the sight that confronts me,

won’t be one of repulsion,

perhaps it’s acceptance that I’ll see.


The melody of the music box

She closes her eyes to reminisce,

Her past and the present now co-exist,

As the melody of the music box,

Soothes her as death’s hand firmly knocks.

It reminds her that she doesn’t have long,

She was listening to her very last song.

But she’d lived a full life with no regret,

Done nothing that she’d want to forget.


She clenches her fist as pain surges through

her tiny body and she wishes she knew

What was going to meet her on the other side?

Would she meet her love, once more his bride?

She tries not to think of what’s left behind,

She and her children are forever entwined.

The melody from the box dies out,

She lets go of life; no fear; no doubt.


But now i must sleep

But now I must sleep

Because I can’t keep up

With all that is going on.

My brain is all fuzzy,

My vision all blurry,

Something is definitely wrong.


But now I must sleep

Because my body needs rest,

I dared to take a short walk.

My knee is now throbbing,

My back is protesting,

I can’t tell them; I mustn’t talk.


But now I must sleep

Because it’s becoming so hard

To pretend that all is well.

But I will find that grin,

When I wake I’ll begin,

With the pretence that life is swell.


The scream sounded far away

I woke up with a start. I wasn’t sure why, so I closed my eyes and hoped that sleep would return quickly. However, it wasn’t to be as another scream soon pierced the night. It was one of those screams that make all your hairs stand up, but the scream sounded far away; or was that my sleep groggy mind making it seem so?

I sat up in bed and listened; it was only a second when there was another scream and a big bang. More awake this time, I recognise my dad’s voice, but the cry was so high pitched that it had confused me at first.

I was a bit scared about going to see what was happening, but as mum was working the night shift this week, I knew that it was down to me.

As I walked down the stairs, my dad screamed again; I was terrified. A hand touched my shoulder, and I cried in fright, which in turn caused my brother to scream as I made him jump. I gave him a ‘look’ and slapped him on the arm.

Feeling braver now that I had company, we both headed quickly to the kitchen.

I jerked the door open to see my dad straddling two opposite kitchen cupboards, staring intently at the floor.

I followed his gaze and saw a spider on the floor. I shook my head in disgust and closed the door, heading for the stairs and my bed.

“AMBER, RORY,” came a desperate shout from the kitchen.

I continued up the stairs, but my brother took sympathy on him and returned to the kitchen to dispose of the spider.

I rolled my eyes and left them to it.


The almost moment

I almost told you I loved you

I almost told you I cared

I almost bared my soul to you

I almost…I nearly…. dared.


But the almost moment passed by

Again, my courage had failed

Instead, I smile and walk on by

Disappointed that I had bailed.


I almost wished we’d never met

I almost wished I worked elsewhere

I almost decided to quit right now

But one day….I might….just dare!